Vianode, Intelecy, AI:hub and the University of Agder join forces to scale AI adoption

Vianode, Intelecy, AI:hub and the University of Agder join forces to scale AI adoption

Design uten navn (3)Intelecy is excited to kick-off a collaboration with AI:hub, University of Agder (UiA) and Vianode, a synthetic graphite manufacturer. AI:hub is an iniative in Agder to increase competence around Artificial Intelligence (AI). The goal of the project is to identify success criteria and the potential in leveraging AI within the Norwegian industry.

Intelecy is a really exciting Norwegian company that enables the industry to utilize machine learning, without the need to develop extensive algorithms and IT solutions. This shortens the time to implement AI and test hypotheses. By connecting students with extensive IT expertise, and companies who wants to adopt new technology but face resource constraints, we anticipate they will achieve their objectives more efficiently.
- Karianne Ormseth, Project Manager at AI:hub


As part of the project Vianode will leverage the Intelecy no-code Industrial AI platform to optimize their production processes. Vianode is Norwegian scale-up building industrial leadership in advanced battery materials. The students will look at how a no-code solution can be used by resources with deep domain industrial knowledge, but no data science competence. The students will in addition interview key manufacturing companies in the region. The insights will be included in their bachelor's thesis. The summarized results are planned be presented to member companies in the Eyde cluster, ensuring the learnings are shared and enable more companies to succeed with their AI initiatives.


We are excited to be part of this project because in order to be competitive in the long term, we are dependent on using data and information in a better way to continuously optimize our processes and products. We’re also dependent on the future employees in our industry to have the knowledge and skills to adopt new data-driven technologies, and that today’s students see the impact technology can have on reducing emissions.
- Gunstein Skomedal, Project Manager at Vianode
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We’re incredibly excited to conduct our bachelor's thesis with two companies that was nominated for the award “Norway's smartest industrial company”. This is a unique opportunity to gain knowledge and expertise within AI from industry leaders, and make a meaningful impact for industrial companies. No-code Industrial AI empowers these companies to make data-driven decisions, and this technology is poised to revolutionize the industry
- Svetlana Rudez, leader for the student group at UiA

About AI:hub

AI:hub is an initiative in Agder to increase competence around Artificial Intelligence (AI). They work with customers to identify problems where AI can be the solution, and often put companies in contact with research environments or other innovative problem solvers. AI:hub aims at giving local industry a boost, developing competency, assisting innovation, creating jobs, and ultimately sustaining the local economy.
About Vianode
Vianode raises the bar for how sustainable batteries are produced – with lower energy consumption in the production process and with 100% renewable energy. Vianode is built upon technological advancements and decades of industrial experience. Vianode’s range of anode graphite products offer unique performance characteristics and are produced with up to 90% lower CO2 emissions than today's standard materials – supporting the ambitions of leading battery cell and automotive manufacturers as we accelerate the green transition. Vianode was founded in 2021 and is backed by Elkem, Hydro and Altor Equity Partners.
About Intelecy
Intelecy is an innovative SaaS company that was established with one clear goal: enabling sustainable production within the industry. Intelecy’s no-code Industrial AI platform is built for industrial data and made for industrial citizens. The easy-to-use tools enables engineers and operators to create, use and operationalize sophisticated AI algorithms, without prior knowledge of coding. By using Intelecy, a wide range of industrial companies improve resource utilization, prevent unplanned downtime, increase capacity and minimize their environmental impact.
Would you like to learn more about Intelecy we're more than happy to set up a demo or a tree trial for you.
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