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Water & Wastewater

Transforming water management for a sustainable future

Intelecy provides a user-friendly AI-powered tool for water and wastewater facilities, addressing critical challenges in the industry. Aging infrastructure struggles with increasing stormwater events and sewage contamination, necessitating costly expansions.

Our no-code AI platform enables process optimization and root cause identification without coding, minimizing environmental impact, cutting costs, and delaying asset expansion.

Intelecy’s platform provides multivariate data analysis that provides us with instant, measurable value, In our search for user-friendly digital tools, we have never seen anything like it on the market!
- Hilde Johansen, Development Engineer, Strategy & Development at Veas
Water & wastewater use cases

Optimizing purification, resource utilization, and plant operations

Explore how Intelecy's operational AI solutions revolutionize wastewater management practices, improving purification levels, optimizing resource utilization, and preventing plant overload. Learn how engineers and biologists leverage AI to enhance purification processes, optimize by-product production for a sustainable circular economy, and forecast stormwater events to prevent operational disruptions.

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Improved degree of purification 
Emissions from wastewater are one of the major causes of pollution of rivers, fjords, and the sea.

Learn engineers and biologists use operational AI to increase the degree of purification from the wastewater plant.

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Utilize waste to become high-quality byproducts
By creating valuable by-products from sludge and other waste, the wastewater plant optimizes resource utilization while achieving a sustainable circular economy.

Discover how the plant workers use Intelecy for quality optimization and increased efficiency in producing the by-products.

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Forecast stormwater and prevent plant overload
Heavy rain may lead to major challenges in already capacity-pressed wastewater facilities. ​

Explore how no-code AI can provide data-driven insights that enable plant operators to take action in advance to prevent stormwater and plant overload.


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