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Optimize your operations with Intelecy no-code AI, designed for industries including Food & Beverage, Mining, Metals & Minerals, Power & Renewable Energy, Water & Wastewater, and Chemical. Tailored for seamless integration into the process and manufacturing sector.

industrial AI

Food & Beverage

No-code AI for the mining, metals and minerals industry
industrial AI

Mining, Metals & Minerals

No-code AI for the water and wastewater industry
industrial AI

Water & Wastewater

No-code AI for Power and Renewable Energy industry
industrial AI

Power & Renewable Energy

No-code AI for the chemical industry
industrial AI


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What our customers say

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"It's been inspiring to see how our production plant has become gradually smarter through levering the Intelecy industrial AI platform. The Intelecy team rocks, and the results proves that a brave management decision with an uncertain outcome was the right one. If you have not started collecting and making sense of your production data yet - start now!"

- Fredrik Harloff, Chief Innovation Officer, GC Rieber AS

Tine uses Intelecy no-code AI
"Intelecy enables us to analyse and improve the production, without requiring a Ph.D in programming. This is very exciting for us."

- Kjetil Holstad, Production Manager, Tine
Glencore uses Intelecy no-code AI
"Intelecy can be used for more targeted maintenance, earlier notification of equipment faults, and to avoid unplanned stops or breakdowns and reduces maintenance costs."

- Trond Wilson, Maintenance Engineer at Clencore
Returkraft uses Intelecy no-code AI
"With Intelecy, we can access real-time insights, identify anomalies, predict failures, and improve efficiency and quality. Intelecy empowers us to be data-driven and innovative in our quest to transform waste into valuable resources and reduce our environmental impact."

- Ivar Bergem Strand, Head of IT, Finance, and Sustainability at Returkraft
Veas uses Intelecy no-code AI
"Intelecy’s platform provides multivariate data analysis that provides us with instant, measurable value, In our search for user-friendly digital tools, we have never seen anything like it on the market!"

- Hilde Johansen, Development Engineer, Strategy & Development at Veas
No-code AI for manufacturing maintenance
"With the right user-friendly tools, maintenance and reliability engineers can use their competence of the assets to build machine learning models to monitor and understand equipment behavior. The insight puts them in a better position to eliminate unnecessary maintenance and prevent breakdowns. This is the future of maintenance management."

- Thomas Brunjulfsen, Head of Digitalization, Maintech
Returkraft uses no-code AI
"We believe that data is the key to unlocking the full potential of our waste-to-energy processes and decisions. That is why we have partnered with Intelecy, a cutting-edge platform that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to optimize and automate industrial operations."

- Ivar Bergem Strand, Head of IT, Finance, and Sustainability at Returkraft

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