Invests in the next phase of autonomous industrial production

When the Asian markets slowed down because of the COVID-19 situation, Intelecy was quick to accelerate the plans to focus on innovation and new technology.


Bertil Helseth, CEO. Photo: Håkon Vikør Treider

Intelecy is already being used by large industrial companies like TINE, Fortum and DuPont to optimize their production with industrial machine learning.

Today, Shifter published news about a new innovation project where Intelecy is making a big shift towards autonomous industrial production. For more details, you can read the full article (in Norwegian) here.

 - Autonomous production is our goal, and we believe this will make production more efficient, safer and cleaner claims Ingvild Hollerud Helseth.

The goal of this project is to develop and verify new technology and methods that make it easier and more secure to move from rule-based logic towards autonomous production based on AI predictions.

Innovation Norway is funding the project with 3,9 million NOK (approx. €357.000).

 - This is a golden opportunity for TINE to influence the development of the Intelecy product and to make sure the new technology adds value to our production, says Kjetil Holstad, Production Manager at the TINE dairy at Jæren. As production sites started to lock down and as sales slowed due to the pandemic, we quickly understood that it was time to shift focus to innovation.

 - This development project is all about making the factories more autonomous, which in turn opens up for running and monitoring the production from anywhere. This has been proven for many factory owners in the last months, comments Hollerud Helseth.

 - Currently we see that the European market is picking up and is starting to stabilize, we also see some positive signs from the Asian market. All these signs make us believe in more growth in the coming months.

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