Intelecy Industrial No-Code AI

How the solution works

Intelecy simplifies industrial data analysis with our no-code AI platform. Operators and engineers can easily create and deploy machine learning models for efficiency, resource optimization, emissions prevention, and downtime elimination. Experience streamlined operational excellence – no coding needed.

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Ready to use

Intelecy is built for industrial data and securely and swiftly integrates with common industrial protocols and systems. This ensures fast onboarding and ultra scalable deployment across sites. With low investment costs and no vendor lock-in, you have the flexibility to focus on what matters most: efficiency, costs, and sustainability.

No-code interface

Enable process engineers and operators to deploy machine learning models directly into production processes with our intuitive interface.

Industrial integration

Securely integrate with common industrial protocols and systems for swift onboarding and effortless scalability.

Closed loop automation

Optimize production by streaming real-time predictions back to your control system without compromising security.

Intelecy Applications

Learn from history, real time action, forecast the future.

Trend tool
Forecast the future
Intelecy Data Explorer

Save time and effort with Intelecy Data Explorer

Data Explorer eliminates the need to spend hours collecting, manipulating, and plotting data in spreadsheets by bringing domain-specific tools, algorithms, and visualizations together into a single application that is tightly integrated with your data.

With Data Explorer you have access to all your process and machine learning data, enabling you to quickly manipulate and visualize large data sets over long time periods.

Intelecy Data Explorer
An AI platform without the need for Data Scientists

Preparing data for artificial intelligence (AI) projects is often a time-consuming and complex task that requires the expertise of data science professionals. Intelecy has conducted extensive research to develop tools that automate this process, so you don't have to manually manipulate data to build good AI models. With built-in MLOps (Machine Learning Operations), the Intelecy platform deploys, monitors, and maintains the machine learning models, enabling you to focus on realizing value.

Connect OT data with Intelecy gateway

The Intelecy Gateway is the key component enabling a fast and secure flow of data between your industrial data sources, like historian or distributed control system (DCS), and the Intelecy Platform.Optionally, the Gateway allows you to elevate your production to a higher level of automation by streaming predictions back to your control system without compromising security. This enables you to incorporate these predictions into your advanced process control for closed-loop AI control and allows operators to observe live predictions in their current control room environment.

Rapid value Rapid value creation with ready-to-use applications

Leveraging decades of industrial competency, we have built a library of advanced algorithms and analytics optimized for industrial data, ready for your operational workforce to leverage.The easy-to-use applications allow the operational workforce to build AI models in minutes.If the answer is in the data, the Intelecy applications should be the fastest path to finding the answers.

Get started in just a few steps!


Connect to data source (1-2 days):

Effortlessly link to your data source


Stream live data (instant):

Begin streaming real-time data instantly


Explore and learn:

Dive into your data, explore, and learn do make informed decisions

Your data

No lock-in or lock-out

Intelecy securely stores your data, but your data still belongs to you. While most customers find the Intelecy platform sufficient for their needs, it´s always good to know you can expand the feature set with easy integrations. You can access raw data and predictions and connect to 3rd party applications via our Application Programming Interface (API) or stream the data to where you need it.

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We understand the value of data

At Intelecy, we have developed and use a set of strict controls, processes, and technologies to ensure that your data is protected from the moment it leaves your site.

The goal of our security program is to make sure we are:

Private: You decide who has access to your data
Trusted: We ensure your data is not and can not be manipulated
Safe: Your data can not be lost
Agile: We respond quickly to the evolving threat landscape

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