Intelecy in the final of Norway's smartest industrial company

Intelecy in the final selection for "Spesialprisen" in the award of Norway's smartest industrial company.


Today the future looked greener, and the optimism for the Norwegian processes and manufacturing industry was high, when Norsk Industri and Siemens, together with Minister of Trade and Industry Jan Christian Vestre, presented the nominated and winner of Norway's smartest industrial company


"Intelecy uses data and artificial intelligence to make it easy for companies to become more efficient, and gain insight into becoming more sustainable. For many, it's hard to get over the bump and start learning new technology. Intelecy has made it easy for everyone to use artificial intelligence as a tool»,
Frank Bråthen, Director of Digital Industries Norway, at Simens as presenting Intelecy.


For the 8th year in a row, Norsk Industri and Siemens are looking for the sharpest players in the Norwegian industry.
Norway's Smartest Industrial Company. A competition to highlight the great, sustainable industry stories and inspire increased competitiveness for Norwegian industrial companies.


"The industry of the future is created by today's innovative companies."


This year, there is a new award for industrial companies in the start-up phase:

 "In Norway, we have several new industrial companies that are in the start-up phase. They dare to think new and invest in new niches and sustainable, technological solutions.
The world needs it!
These are the companies that will be tomorrow's new profitable growth companies.

It is demanding to be in the start-up phase, even when you have a unique business idea. It takes time to establish high production and become financially profitable, and thus meet the criteria to become "Norway's smartest industrial company." But we need new business ideas to create the industrial success of the future", Frank Bråthen explains.

That is why "Norway's smartest industrial company" has now set an additional price. - For the "Spesialprisen", Norsk Industri and Siemens  are looking for companies in the start-up phase that have a unique business idea, utilize technology and digitalization and that with their business promote sustainability and the green transition.


A big thank you to the jury, Norsk Industri, and Siemens for including Intelecy in the final selection for the "Spesialprisen»!


You can watch the award her (in Norwegian):


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