Mining, Metals & Minerals

Empowering sustainable mining and manufacturing

Mining companies and refineries grapple with numerous challenges, from meeting increasing product demand to ensuring environmental compliance and operational safety.

Intelecy's no-code AI platform offers a transformative solution to these complex issues. By empowering plant and factory workers, it enables them to enhance efficiency, prevent downtime, reduce energy consumption, and mitigate environmental impact. Discover how Intelecy is revolutionizing mining and manufacturing operations for a more sustainable future.

Intelecy can be used for more targeted maintenance, earlier notification of equipment faults, and to avoid unplanned stops or breakdowns and reduces maintenance costs.
- Trond Wilson, Maintenance Engineer at Clencore
Mining, Metals & Minerals use cases

Unlock operational excellence

Explore how Intelecy's solutions optimize operations in metals, mining, and minerals. From boosting energy efficiency to preventing downtime and enhancing mineral extraction, our no-code AI empowers proactive decisions for sustainable resource management.

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Energy consumption optimization
Get actionable insights to reduce energy consumption and increase asset health without reducing production efficiency.




Early warning for predictive maintenance
Avoid accidents and unplanned downtime with data-driven predictive maintenance. By creating and using no-code anomaly detection machine learning models, you can receive early warnings and act when needed.



Production yield analysis
With user-friendly operational tools, the people closest to the process lines can test hypotheses, make data-driven decisions, and reduce costs quicker by improving quality, yield, and efficiency.

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Returkraft and Intelecy unite for a green future
We are excited to announce that Returkraft, a leading waste-to-energy facility in Scandinavia has chosen Intelecy as their solution partner for digital transformation in their operations.

Intelecy available on Microsoft Azure Marketplace
This strategic collaboration enhances the accessibility of Intelecy's advanced Industrial AI software for industrial enterprises globally.

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