Intelecy executive team

Intelecy Executive Team Camilla Gjetvik (1)

Camilla Gjetvik

Camilla Gjetvik, a seasoned AI leader and accomplished company builder, brings her expertise to Intelecy. Former COO at Boost AI, she has a stellar record of scaling innovative AI startups globally, driving remarkable growth and securing substantial funding. Camilla's leadership at Intelecy marks a new era of innovation and global impact.
Intelecy Executive Team Bertil Helseth

Bertil Helseth

Bertil Helseth, Founder and CTO of Intelecy, is a seasoned Cybernetics Engineer with 20+ years' experience in optimizing, automating, and digitalizing operations for major industrial companies. With a Master's in Management, his consulting background inspired him to create Intelecy, where he leads the development of no-code AI solutions for process and manufacturing.
Intelecy Executive Team Anna Olsson

Anna Olsson

Anna Olsson, with 20+ years in software, excels in international sales, product marketing, and management. Former VP Partner & Alliances at Cognite, she drove the global partner ecosystem. Starting as a system developer, she transitioned through various commercial roles, including a 12-year stint at Microsoft.

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