Intelecy is cloud-based software for predictive maintenance and process optimization, designed specifically for Industrial IoT data. 
Never before have AI and machine learning technology been more accessible and easy to use.

Intelecy quickly integrates with the most common industrial protocols and DCS and SCADA software. With unique and automated data cleaning, Intelecy automatically handles outliers and "bad-quality" data that are very common to industrial process data.

Understand what has happened, what is happening and what will happen unless corrective actions are taken.

Turn your data into valuable insights, and let those insights make your processes cleaner, safer and more efficient.

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Identify over-consumption in the production. Reduce energy bill and carbon footprint.


Persistently monitor and analyze the production data to identify early signs of production anomalies.


More Efficiently

Identify bottlenecks and optimize your production within days or weeks not months or years.


Our products are designed for all the verticals in the process and manufacturing industry. Get in touch today to see how we can help your business. 



Mining, Minerals and Metals

Oil and Gas

Water / Wastewater

Power and Utilities


Food and Beverage


"We are producing dairy products every day, 365 days a year and register 40 000 changes in the data every single day. We need tools that allow us to see trends, and make the necessary adjustments quickly. It is crucial to be able to follow the production closely. Intelecy develops a product that improves production without requiring a Ph.D. in programming to use it."


Kjetil Holstad

Product Manager, Tine Dairy Jæren