Water & Wastewater industry

Transform waste into high-quality byproducts

Use case


In wastewater management, utilizing the byproducts from the water purification process has become increasingly popular. One main byproduct, sludge, can be processed into biosolids such as compost and biogas.

Wastewater raw sludge is rich in organic matter, nitrogen, and phosphor, making it a good candidate for compost, but it should be processed appropriately before being used in agriculture. Anaerobic treatment with hygienization and subsequent drying is one viable method. Several key process parameters, such as pH, temperature, alkalinity, and retention time, affect the quality of the product.


With Intelecy, the engineers and biologists at the wastewater plant can use no-code machine learning analytics on historical data to find the optimal parameter settings to achieve the best quality.


  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Circular economy
  • Quality optimization

Other Water & Wastewater use cases

Water & Wastewater use case

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Water & Wastewater use case

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