Water & Wastewater

Enhanced level of purification

Use case


Turbidity refers to the cloudiness of water caused by particles or suspended solids in the sample. In waste-water management, turbidity is used as the key test for water quality after the sedimentation process. Various chemicals are used during the purification process, and getting the correct balance can often be challenging. Furthermore, varying amounts of rainwater make it difficult to control sedimentation.


By building an Intelecy forecast model, the process engineers can predict the turbidity hours in advance and make the necessary adjustments to ensure a satisfactory purification process.


  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Increased efficiency
  • Saved costs

Other Water & Wastewater use cases

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Water & Wastewater use case

Utilize waste to become high-quality byproducts

By creating valuable by-products from sludge and other waste, the wastewater plant optimizes resource utilization while achieving a sustainable circular economy. Read about how the plant workers use Intelecy for quality optimization and increased efficiency in producing the by-products.

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Water & Wastewater use case

Forecast stormwater and prevent overload

Heavy rain may lead to major challenges in already capacity-pressed wastewater facilities. ​Read about how no-code AI can provide data-driven insights that enable plant operators to take action in advance to prevent stormwater and plant overload.

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