Tanya Horowitz has joined Intelecy as a Board Member and Strategic Advisor

Tanya Horowitz has joined Intelecy as a Board Member and Strategic Advisor

Intelecy is pleased to announce that Tanya Horowitz has joined our team as a Board Member and Strategic Advisor. We are honored to have Tanya's expertise and support as we continue to revolutionize industrial AI and drive sustainable production through innovative technology.


Our collaboration with Tanya began when Butterfly Ventures, a leading Seed investor in the Nordics, became a co-investor in Intelecy. Since then, we've greatly benefited from her engagement and deep knowledge of the technology industry. Her experience and passion for innovation are invaluable to our team.


As a partner at Butterfly Ventures, Tanya has a proven track record of identifying and supporting innovative startups, and co-founded an early-stage US-based venture fund, Capital A Partners (CAP A).

I am delighted to join the board of Intelecy. Their no-code industrial AI platform empowers operators and engineers to leverage the power of AI to make data-driven decisions without being dependent on prior coding skills or data scientists. I look forward to continued work with the team in helping them scale further from a geographical, sector and strategic perspective.
- Tanya Horowitz, Partner at Butterfly Ventures

As a strategic advisor, Tanya collaborates closely with our management team, providing support in areas such as business strategy development, recruitment, negotiations, and fundraising. Her strategic insights and expertise are essential to our success.

We are thrilled to welcome Tanya as a new board member of Intelecy. Tanya's can-do spirit and drive are truly inspiring, and we know she shares our vision to drive sustainable industrial production through innovative technology. With Tanya onboard, we're poised for even greater success in this exciting growth phase of our company.
- Bertil Helseth, CEO and Founder of Intelecy

Tanya Horowitz
Board Member and Strategic Advisor
Intelecy Board of Directors

About Butterfly Ventures

Butterfly Ventures is a leading Deep Tech Seed Entry Impact-focused Venture Capital Fund with 

over 89 investments and 240 investment rounds. Founded in 2012, Butterfly now has offices across the Nordics and Baltics in Stockholm, Helsinki, Oulu, Copenhagen and Tallin. The team is currently investing out of Butterfly Ventures Fund IV which launched in 2022 and is an Article 8 SFDR Green Fund. Butterfly looks to invest at Seed and continue through series A and B into transformative and impactful technologies at the intersection of software, hardware, and science.


About Intelecy

Intelecy is an innovative SaaS company established with one clear goal: enabling sustainable production within the industry. Intelecy’s no-code Industrial AI platform is built for industrial data and made for industrial citizens. The easy-to-use tools enables engineers and operators to create, use and operationalize sophisticated AI algorithms, without prior knowledge of coding. By using Intelecy, a wide range of industrial companies improve resource utilization, prevent unplanned downtime, increase capacity, and minimize their environmental impact.


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