Intelecy and VisionTech team up for cutting-edge industrial advancements

Intelecy and VisionTech team up for cutting-edge industrial advancements

In a strategic move towards innovation, Intelecy, a leader in industrial no-code AI software, has partnered with VisionTech, a key player in industrial innovation based in Trondheim. This collaboration signifies a joint effort to integrate machine learning and artificial intelligence into the core of industrial operations.

The partnership underscores both companies' commitment to advancing industrial automation. VisionTech's proven expertise aligns effortlessly with Intelecy's mission to surpass the evolving needs of the industry.
Intelecy delivers fully managed cloud-based software designed for industrial IoT and production scenarios. Partnering with Intelecy empowers us to leverage this technology effectively, providing valuable insights for our customers and enhancing our ability to create robust control systems.
- Runar Holte, CEO of VisionTech
VisionTech's profound industry expertise merges seamlessly with Intelecy's cloud-based software tailored for industrial scenarios, creating a powerful collaboration. This integration empowers VisionTech to leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence effectively, offering valuable insights to customers. This collaborative effort accelerates VisionTech's operationalized value delivery and positions both partners to explore innovative possibilities in shaping the future of industrial innovation. The partnership signifies a joint commitment to transformative advancements in industrial automation.
Our partnership with VisionTech is a strategic step to further scale the value no-code Industrial AI can deliver to the process industry. VisionTech’s proven expertise will guide our joint clients to realize operationalized value rapidly. We are eager to continue to explore the possibilities that this collaboration will unfold.
- Anna Olsson, Chief Commercial Officer at Intelecy

Through effective communication and close collaboration, we aim to meet both our and our customers' requirements for quality, stability, and reliability. As this collaboration unfolds, both companies anticipate a fruitful exchange of expertise, fostering transformative solutions and a shared commitment to excellence. Stay tuned for updates on how Intelecy and VisionTech are collectively shaping the future of industrial automation.


For deeper insights into how the Intelecy no-code industrial AI platform, in partnership with VisionTech, can enhance your operations, reach out today!
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