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SINTEF Norlab offers Intelecy to its customers

SINTEF Norlab is Norway's largest Norwegian-owned laboratory company. They are specializing in environmental measurement, chemical analysis, microbiology, veterinary medicine, and material testing. They now offer Intelecy to enable Industrial Machine Learning, helping customers analyze lab data.

"Both our customers and we see that the link machine learning combined with lab data is attractive. Above all, this combination is about better utilization of the lab data and integration of lab data with real-time process data and prediction, automation, and consistency in interpretation. It has been fun working with Espen (Davidsen, COO Intelecy) to find good use cases for this technology.
We look forward to seeing workflows built on machine learning and Intelecy realized with our major industrial customers." -Linda Heian, Head of Industry and Chemistry SINTEF Norlab.

In this article, you can read SINTEF Norlab's Development Manager, Grim Gjønnes' experiences from then building his first multivariate anomaly detection model for the process industry. From his home office (Article in Norwegian):


Svennestykket: Min første maskinlæringsbaserte anomalideteksjonsmodell for prosessindustrien basert på SCADA-data og LIMS-data
Vi har begynt et samarbeid med Intelecy, Oslo om å tilby utvalgte kunder Intelecy som maskinlæringsplattform for integrasjon av prosessdata i SCADA-systemer med labdata/kvalitetsdata i LIMS.
Les videre.

Intelecy solution model


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