We are happy to announce Glencore Nikkelverket as an Intelecy customer!

We are happy to announce Glencore Nikkelverket as an Intelecy customer!

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Glencore Nikkelverket is today one of the world's largest, most efficient, and sustainable nickel refineries. The company processes raw materials such as nickel, copper, and cobalt. A characteristic of all the products is high quality and the purity of the finished metals are amongst the highest in the world.

Nikkelverket is known for being forward-looking and for adopting new technology for both safety, sustainability, and competitiveness. From being the first plant in Norway to install computerized process control in 1966 to being one of the finalists in the award of Norway's smartest industrial company in 2021 (like Intelecy!), they show a constant focus on improving efficiency to increase productivity.


This week Nikkelverket will start to explore how to use AI in condition monitoring to improve and optimize maintenance.


The value of condition monitoring and predictive maintenance lies in being able to plan and perform maintenance only when needed. This can reduce the hours of work involved in maintenance, reduce unplanned downtime and, reduce damage to equipment as well as consumption of spare parts.


Maintenance engineer Trond Wilson at Glencore has worked at Nikkelverket for decades and is among those who know the processes and assets best. He is one of the people responsible for this project:

We have several measurements here at Nikkelverket today, both process and vibration measurements, but hope that Intelecy can be used for more targeted maintenance, earlier notification of equipment faults, and to avoid unplanned stops or breakdowns and reduces maintenance costs.
- Trond Wilson, Manager technical support & maintenance at Glencore

In October 2021, Glencore Nikkelverket sent out a request for a partner for the project Maintenance Technology Machine Learning (AI), and at the beginning of 2022, it became known that Intelecy had won the contract in partnership with MainTech, the leading maintenance experts in Norway. Based on previous dialogue and intention to collaborate, both MainTech and Intelecy saw this request as an opportunity to show how our strengths can be combined for value creation to the customer.

We are impressed how Glencore Nikkelverket stand out with a clear culture to invest and build competence within their existing employees. No-one understands the process and equipment better than their existing employees. With the Intelecy No-code AI platform, the existing engineers will be able to use their domain knowledge to build machine learning models that will provide insight and early warnings for their assets. We look forward to this cooperation together with MainTech and Glencore Nikkelverket
- Bertil Helseth, CEO Intelecy

You can read more about Glencore Nikkelverket here.




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