AI revolutionizing wastewater treatment for one million people

AI revolutionizing wastewater treatment for one million people

We recently had the pleasure of accompanying Norwegian Minister of Digitalization Karianne Tung and CEO of Innovation Norway Håkon Haugli for a visit to our customer Veas, who runs the largest wastewater treatment plant in Norway. This visit was recently covered by TV 2, highlighting the remarkable advancements achieved through our AI technology.

Bertil at Veas being interviews by TV2-1
Bertil Helseth, Founder and CTO of Intelecy, interviewed by TV 2 at Veas treatment plant in Asker. Photo: Intelecy

AI driven efficiency

The Veas treatment plant, located in Slemmestad, Asker, processes an impressive 3,000 liters of wastewater per second from approximately one million residents in Oslo, Bærum, Asker, and Nesodden. The complex process involves multiple stages, including mechanical and biological treatments, to ensure that up to 90% of phosphorus and 70% of nitrogen are removed before the treated water is safely released into the Inner Oslofjord. 

Traditionally, this intricate process has been managed by experienced operators. However, the introduction of AI technology from Intelecy is revolutionizing this setup. By integrating AI, Veas can now predict and respond to changes in real-time, optimizing the treatment process and significantly improving efficiency.

Advanced data handling

Hilde Johansen, Development Director at Veas, explains the challenges and benefits of this new system:  
Every nine seconds, we receive 60,000 signals from the process. It's impossible to handle such vast amounts of data manually. With AI, we can identify what affects the results and predict what will happen before it occurs.
- Hilde Johansen, Development Director at Veas

The AI system not only enhances operational efficiency but also delivers substantial cost savings. Veas's chemical budget stands at 60 million kroner annually. By predicting the particle content in the water, the AI can optimize chemical usage, reducing unnecessary expenditure.

Hilde explaining how no code ai enhances operationsDevelopment Director Hilde Johansen explains how the wastewater company VEAS uses AI to improve the purification of Oslo's sewage for Norwegian and international stakeholders, including Minister of Digitalization Karianne Tung. Photo: Intelecy


Support from Innovation Norway

Håkon Haugli, CEO of Innovation Norway, emphasizes the broader implications of this technological advancement: 
With artificial intelligence from Intelecy, Norway's largest treatment plant, Veas, releases fewer chemicals, uses less energy, and achieves more efficient processes.
- Håkon Haugli, CEO of Innovation Norway,

Haugli also addresses the importance of automation in modern industries: "We should automate what can be automated. Norway needs all the workforce we can get. By automating and using artificial intelligence, we can free up people for more important tasks."

Anna Olsson Karianne Tung and Bertil Helseth outside Veas-1  Veas wastewater treatment plant-3
Left photo: From left: Anna Olsson, CCO and Co-founder of Intelecy, Karianne Tung, Digitalization Minister of Norway, and Bertil Helseth, CTO and founder of Intelecy, during the visit to Veas. 

Right photo: Tour of the Veas facilities in Asker, showcasing the advanced AI-driven wastewater treatment processes. Photo: Intelecy

Government backing
During the visit to the Veas plant, Digitalization Minister Karianne Tung highlighted the government's commitment to AI adoption: "Our goal is for 80% of public enterprises to use AI. The potential is enormous in both the process industry and other significant areas of the private sector."

Tung expressed her enthusiasm for the improvements at Veas: 
Here at Veas, AI is used to make the process more efficient. We no longer have to rely solely on intuition and experience, and we save money. Additionally, we achieve a cleaner Oslofjord and purer water. It's a win for everyone.
- Karianne Tung, Digitalization Minister

Intelecy's vision
At Intelecy, we believe in the transformative power of AI and are proud to collaborate with Veas to achieve groundbreaking advancements in wastewater treatment. Our no-code AI platform empowers process engineers and operators to optimize operations, reduce downtime, and enhance product quality. By cutting costs and reducing CO2 emissions, we aim to make a significant impact on both industry efficiency and environmental sustainability.
I am truly impressed by the results of our collaboration with Veas. By leveraging our no-code AI platform, Veas has not only improved operational efficiency but also achieved substantial cost savings and reduced chemical usage. It's inspiring to see our technology making such a significant impact.
- Camilla Gjetvik, CEO of Intelecy

Future prospects

Looking ahead, Veas has ambitious plans to further develop and utilize AI. The plant aims to automate more processes, particularly during off-peak hours, and explore new products derived from wastewater, such as CO2 for industrial use and peat-free plant fertilizers.

At Intelecy, our technology stands as a prime example of how AI drives sustainability and efficiency in industrial processes. As we lead the way in AI adoption across industries, we continue to unlock new opportunities for innovation and improvement.

About Intelecy

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Read the full TV 2 article here.


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