Revolutionizing wastewater treatment with no-code industrial AI for sustainable impact

The Veas treatment plant in Norway is a leader in sustainable wastewater treatment, with a vision to drive revenue, reduce emissions, and promote social development. The plant serves Asker, Bærum, Nesodden, and Oslo municipalities, processing up to 10,000 liters of water per second and purifying it to produce clean water in just three hours.

Veas not only achieves efficient water purification, but also produces stabilized, hygienized, and lime-added sewage sludge that serves as a nitrogen solution for agriculture, as well as liquefied biogas as renewable biofuel that is ideal for powering heavy vehicles.


Veas is committed to achieving maximum social benefit and has set ambitious goals towards 2040. The treatment plant aims to expand the utility’s scope beyond treating wastewater for the Oslo fjord municipalities by turning energy and nutrient resources found in wastewater into valuable recycled products. The company's strategic plan focuses on three aspects for sustainable operation: economy, environment, and social. More concretely, Veas is working towards zero unwanted emissions to water and becoming energy- and CO2-positive, where the utility delivers more energy than it consumes and contributes more to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions than it creates. Veas aims to achieve its net positive goals by 2030.


To achieve these goals, Veas is leveraging digitalization and AI, utilizing Intelecy’s no-code industrial AI platform to optimize chemical and energy consumption during the purification process. The plant uses the Intelecy platform to optimize its processes and achieve more cost-effective operations, allowing it to make better use of existing infrastructure and delay the need for asset expansion.

We have been focused on utilizing our data to improve efficiency for some time now. The Intelecy platform caught our attention with its user-friendly interface and ability to create data models on your own using your own data.
- Hilde Johansen, development engineer at Veas

- So far, we use the tool to optimize the regulation of the water treatment process and as decision support for chemical dosing. We have also experienced that Intelecy is very well suited to advanced data analysis and thus to finding new knowledge about dependencies between parameters in the process as well as knowledge-based troubleshooting, explains Hilde Johansen.

Intelecy has given Veas the opportunity to make better use of its own data.
I am confident that the use of the Intelecy tool can result in significant cost savings for us. We have gained a greater understanding of our own processes through the tool's insights and have already implemented measures based on its recommendations, which we expect will lead to cost savings.
- Hilde Johansen, development engineer in strategy and development at Veas

Veas is setting an example for companies working towards maximum social benefit by transforming waste into value using digital creativity and innovative technology. By reducing emissions, contributing to social development, and maintaining the cleanliness of the Oslo Fjord, Veas is at the forefront of sustainable practices.


If you want to learn more about how the Intelecy no-code industrial AI platform can help your plant improve efficiency and become more environmentally friendly, contact us today!



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