Announcement of new Chairman of the Board

We are happy to announce that Jon Øyvind Eriksen has been appointed new Chairman of the Board!
A motivating serial entrepreneur with a deep understanding of how AI can contribute to both a more competitive and sustainable industry.


«I’m happy to share that I’m starting a new position as Chair at Intelecy ! This amazing industry4 software startup has developed - as far as I know - the first AI No-code platform for the process industry. 


Before taking the position I spoke with several of Intelecy's customers in various industries. They told me that Intelecy has made it possible for the process engineers to quickly leverage advanced machine learning models on their production data - without writing a single line of code. As a result production experts without programming skills can now put their knowledge to use without assistance from costly data scientists.

A process engineer in the food & bev industry told me with great enthusiasm how Intelecy had helped them to reduce raw material waste and avoid harmful emissions.
Another engineer in the chemicals industry told me how he had used Intelecy's predictions to increase product quality and reduce energy consumption.
A third operator - in the mineral processing industry - told me how Intelecy helped him to avoid a costly process breakdown due to equipment failure. 

All these factory floor engineers ran quite advanced deep learning models themselves - without having to ask their corporate HQ or CIO office data science team to hold their hands. Some of them actually spent hours every day eagerly digging after insights in their historic data with the Intelecy tool, looking for new ways to improve their employer's competitiveness. This was just amazing to hear!

The emergence of applied machine learning using IoT data has started to impact the global process industry. The scarcity of skilled software engineers has lead to centralization of the data science initiatives in many large enterprises, effectively reducing the autonomy of the factory engineers. And for the midsize and smaller industry companies the costs (and difficulties) of building a strong data science team has turned out to be a serious threats - a barrier to maintaining long-term competitiveness.


No-code technology could be a viable solution for both problems. I see great potential for empowerment of the engineers on the factory floor. The potential gains for companies that effectively combine no-code AI with their employees' experience and knowledge is immense. And no-code ai will definitely level the competitive playing field, making it possible for all the midsize and small manufacturers to leverage new and powerful AI-models. 

The great potential in no-code ai, the user engagement of the process engineers I spoke with, and the visionary founders Bertil Helseth and Espen Davidsen, who pioneered this emerging technology in the process industry; these are the reasons why I joined Intelecy.»


Jon Øyvind Eriksen currently serves at the board of several deep tech companies.
As a board member he supports the founders and  management of the companies he is involved with, and assists with business strategy development, recruitment, negotiations, fund-raising and exit-planning. 
He is a serial entrepreneur with a strong track record from the tech sector. He served 15 years as CEO of Internet Aksess, Mogul Technology and Kantega, successful tech companies who repeatedly delivered break-through innovations to their customers.

Jon Øyvind holds an MSc in Biotechnology from NTNU and an MBA with distinction from London Business School.


We are exited to welcome Jon Øyvind Eriksen to Team Intelecy!


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