No-code AI free trial

Now you can try Intelecy without a subscription!

This week we launched a demonstration application that gives the possibility to test Intelecy No-code AI platform, free of charge and without a subscription. 

Simply because we want to let the industry companies experience how easy it can be to get started with AI on their production data. 

Much has been done on digitization in the manufacturing and process industry in recent years, and several companies have come a long way in instrumentation and data acquisition. But at the same time, this entails such enormous amounts of data that the possibility of finding the answers in the data can be like finding a needle in the haystack. Using AI to identify correlations and predicting anomalies in production has until now been reserved for data scientists and time-consuming projects.

No-code AI is a game-changer

Now the people closest to the production lines, those who know the processes, can get the tool to find the hidden gold in their production data and take digitization to the next level of actual value creation.

Intelecy is the only software designed for the knowledge worker, engineers and operator to create sophisticated AI algorithms on their own.

Here you will learn how to build your own, advanced machine learning models in minutes, without needing any prior knowledge of either coding or algorithms!

You will have access to one year of real production data and be guided through two use cases where you will have the opportunity to explore Intelecy's no-code AI platform. You will also be able to see how the models give you the insight to explain correlations, detect deviations and be able to predict events in production before they happen!



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