Mining, metals & minerals industry

Production yield analysis

Use case


There are good and bad days in production, but is this only related to the raw material going into the process, or are you running the equipment and process differently?


Intelecy has an extensive analytics tool using machine learning and data visualization to help you find the answer to questions like, what are we doing differently when we have great yield vs. when it is below average? These answers will often uncover areas a machine should not run under and where the assets are highly likely to perform well.


  • Improved raw material utilization
  • Enhanced health and safety measures
  • Increased efficiency

Other Mining, Metals & Minerals use cases

Mining, Metals & Minerals use case

Energy consumption optimization

Get actionable insights to reduce energy consumption and increase asset health without reducing production efficiency.

Mining, Metals & Minerals use case

Early warnings for predictive maintenance

Avoid accidents and unplanned downtime with data-driven predictive maintenance. By creating and using no-code anomaly detection machine learning models, you can receive early warnings and act when needed.

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