Mining, metals and minerals Industry

Energy consumption optimization

Use case


In a lot of heavy assets, a linear curve between performance and energy usage doesn’t exist. With Intelecy, you can better understand and optimize how to run assets and the plant as a whole to save energy. The performance and energy curve will also change over time as assets degrade, posing the question: when is the ideal time to maintain the asset to save energy?


Several Intelecy clients, for example, use anomaly detection models to notify them when assets have a higher effect on usage than expected. The anomaly notifications are not conventional alarm thresholds but rather based on the effect compared to what is expected according to the machine learning model. Using these models as decision support enables them to better schedule maintenance on when the maintenance is actually needed instead of at fixed time intervals.


  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Saved costs
  • Improved asset health

Other Mining, Metals & Minerals use cases

Power & Renewable Energy use case

Early warning for predictive maintenance

Avoid accidents and unplanned downtime with data-driven predictive maintenance. By creating and using no-code anomaly detection machine learning models, you can receive early warnings and act when needed.

Mining, Metals & Minerals use case

Production yield analysis

With user-friendly operational tools, the people closest to the process lines can test hypotheses, make data-driven decisions, and reduce costs quicker by improving quality, yield, and efficiency.

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