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Full house at the workshop Practical use of Machine Learning

Full house at Glencore SafeWork Center when Are E. Gotteberg Haartveit and Bertil Helseth from Intelecy held a workshop in the practical use of machine learning for the process and manufacturing industry.

Industry workers from a wide range of industry verticals were gathered during the Eyde Cluster event Machine Learning In Practice. We were told stories from how some of the companies work with AI today and discussed topics about how we can move from pilots and research projects to operationalize AI into daily operation.

We also got an exciting tour at Glencore’s new copper factory and got to see the automation in action!

Intelecy held a practical workshop where participants got to try to build their own machine learning models in the Intelecy no-code AI platform. Everyone built a machine learning model with a focus on condition monitoring and predictive maintenance and a machine learning model with a focus on process optimization and being able to predict future variation in production. With a few exceptions, none of the course participants had any prior knowledge of coding or algorithms, but without any problems, everyone was able to build both models in just minutes!

Thanks to Eyde Cluster and Glencore Nikkelverk AS for an inspiring day of insight, knowledge sharing!!

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