Will give the users superpowers

Photo: Intelecy - Andreas og Bertil

Andreas Nordahl has a burning desire to solve important societal challenges. That’s why he this fall started as UX Lead at Intelecy.

 - My motivation for leaving the consulting industry and choosing an AI-Startup is my desire to be a part of the growth of the company and truly influence the development of the product, Nordahl says, who has solid experience as both UX designer and engineer.

 - We were excited about Andreas from the very first meeting, says CEO Bertil Helseth.

 - He was fundamentally interested in understanding who the users are and how Intelecy can create value for its customers. He asked many insightful questions that made us re-think some of our ideas about user experience. This inspired us, says Helseth

 - One of Intelecy's core values ​​is that the product should be easy to use. Andreas' experience and knowhow are crucial to provide an intuitive self-service solution to the industry experts, he continues.

Before he had even set foot in the office, Andreas was on his way to meet the users of Intelecy at TINE's high-tech dairy at Jæren.

 - It was a great start. Meeting the users of the product in real life is the most inspiring part of the job, explains Nordahl.

 - And there have been many customer meetings in the short time he has been in Intelecy. Nordahl listens to what the customer is saying, and diligently makes notes. Important insights are often discovered in the subtleties of how a user expresses themselves while using the software, says Helseth.


The importance of listening

 - I am trying to understand what the user's world looks like. To achieve this, I avoid suggesting solutions and instead give them time to explain in their own words. I try not to be tied to my own ideas, says Nordahl.

In this way he believes Intelecy can create a good self-service solution where user's stories and experiences influence his work as much as possible.

 - Each user can find their own insights and solutions to make their job better. The product can’t just be technically functional, it must also be valuable for the person who is using it, he points out.

Andreas cares for more than the users. He also works as a volunteer and has helped establish Digital Homework Assistance at the Norwegian Red Cross. A place where high school students can get help with their homework via video chat.

 - I like to feel that I'm using my skills to make a difference. Intelecy is not just something someone in a suit has created to make money. This is something who can really make a difference. I am very interested in the environment and our society. Intelecy can drive the industry in a positive direction and we can achieve something that matters, emphasizes Andreas Nordahl.

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