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Sustainable food production through inline sensors and AI analytics

Optimal use of raw materials.

Food processing  is an extremely complex and challenging industry to monitor and measure production quality due to the inherently high biological variation in raw materials. Raw materials are usually examined via lab samples to provide answers about content and quality which is a time-consuming process where results are only available several hours after production.

As part of the research project DigiFoods led by Nofima, Intelecy customer TINE, among others, uses inline sensors in production.

With inline sensors, the variations of the raw material are measured continuously. These sensors provide huge amounts of valuable information. The engineers use Intelecy to analyze this data and provide predictions that make it possible to adjust the process so that quality and efficiency are maintained regardless of the variation in the raw material.

"Intelecy uses artificial intelligence to provide insight into large amounts of time-series data. Being part of DigiFoods allows us to connect more closely with the food & beverage industry, learn from the challenges they face, and together find answers for more efficient and sustainable food production ". Bertil Helseth, CEO Intelecy

Worker at dairy. milk tanks

Digital Food Quality (DigiFoods) is a center for research-based innovation (SFI) with the purpose of developing smart sensor solutions for food quality assessment directly in the processing lines, throughout the food value chain. Optimal usage of raw material will have a profound impact on reducing food loss and waste as well as optimal use of raw materials.

You can read more about DigiFoods here: DigiFoods.


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