AM Nutrition is ready to meet the growing global demand for plant-based nutrition

Using no-code AI in daily operations, the production team gets valuable insights to reach the sustainability goals of increased resource utilization and reduced energy consumption.

The global demand for food will rise dramatically in the coming years. In a world currently deficient in animal protein, large global opportunities exist for the use of vegetable proteins and functional starches, especially when produced sustainably. AM Nutrition is a global supplier of pea-based products for use in food, feed, pet food, and technical applications. They are among the best players in the field of sustainable production, and this year, they will further reduce their total energy consumption, while increasing overall efficiency and capacity.

One of the tools applied in this initiative is Intelecy's no-code AI solution. AM Nutrition is at the forefront of utilizing AI in advanced process technology, and have already implemented the use of AI in their daily operations. Continuously increasing OEE and improving the utilization of raw materials. These are some of the examples where the engineers use no-code AI today.

In Am Nutrition we strongly believe that being able to own and use the technology actively ourselves will serve us better in both the short and long term. With Intelecy, we have full access to both our data and the AI technology in-house. This gives us a powerful tool to get actionable insights
- Geir Rode, Factory Manager at AM Nutrition
The factory is built with the possibility of future expansions, and utilizes innovative methods and technologies making AM Nutrition ready to meet the growing global demand for plant-based nutrition.

In natural raw materials, there can be large variations and changes
Although the team in Stavanger is in the top tier in both quality and sustainable production, they do not rest on their laurels. They are constantly searching for small and large adjustments they can make to take even better care of the raw materials and the environment without compromising the high quality of the end product.

AM Nutrition has a clear and deep commitment to contributing to a better planet. The results they achieve show a culture of curiosity, innovation, action, and guts! They are a great example of how using AI does not have to be complex and involve expensive projects, but about developing the culture and the people who work there
- Bertil Helseth, Founder and CEO of Intelecy

The Production Manager in AM Nutrition, Olav Helle, is a good example:

Olav Helle shows a great example of how new technology is adopted quickly. He has adopted the use of AI technology in an exemplary manner.He is not afraid to investigate and test new ideas and is highly solution-oriented. Olav even uses Intelecy-beta features in his work.These tools give him even greater opportunities to explore the plants' data, while at the same time giving us in Intelecy valuable feedback that I have brought back to the development team.We highly appreciate the collaboration with AM Nutrition and look forward to the journey ahead.
- Sven Tierney, VP Customer Success at Intelecy


AM Nutrition is a subsidiary of the Norwegian agro cooperative, Felleskjøpet Rogaland Agder. You can read more about AM Nutrition here.



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