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At Intelecy, I see great people with the vision and skills to revolutionize industrial IT, says Jeff Williams who joins promising Oslo-based Norwegian AI startup as a Senior Cloud Architect.

Jeff Williams and Bertil Helseth IntelecyPhoto: Håkon Vikør Treider

Jeff Williams exchanged Australia for Norway in 2011 after meeting his Norwegian wife while backpacking in Malaysia. For the past three years he’s been central in building Tidal’s scalable global cloud infrastructure. However, now he’s exchanging the music industry for the off-the-shelf AI company Intelecy, where he will be responsible for the cloud architecture.

Finding the right person for the Cloud Solution Architect job turned out to be difficult, despite of many applicants. 

─ Finding people in Norway, or candidates willing to move to Norway, who have a proven track record building commercial cloud-based software products is challenging, Bertil Helseth confesses.

However, the search was worth the effort put down and CEO Bertil Helseth is thrilled to have Jeff joining Intelecy:

─ This was love at first sight and we’re confident that Jeff is the right addition to our team and shares our ambition to scale Intelecy’s software and grow globally.

Although Jeff admits being fairly new to the field of artificial intelligence, he has already observed its impact on the music industry. Machine learning is used to help automatically generate playlists, tweak artist recommendations based on the taste of the end user and provide a highly personalized experience.

What attracted him to the AI-savvy company with a lean and mean team? Jeff explains:

─ When I first started at Tidal, then called WIMP, it was a small Scandinavian company with a vision and I helped it grow into the large global company it is today. At Intelecy I see great people with the vision and skills to revolutionize industrial IT.

Even though manufacturing might look very different from the music industry, Jeff believes there are lots of similarities when it comes to cloud services.

─ At Tidal we went all in on cloud at the start of 2015 as part of becoming a global brand. We have learnt a lot since then and I plan to bring my know-how to Intelecy.

Bertil Helseth agrees with Jeff:

─ We see a lot of similarities between Tidal and Intelecy: handling huge amount of data, have the requested data delivered instantly and keeping the data safe.

New talent will boost Intelecy’s growth

Bertil believes new talent will help Intelecy on their way to conquer the global market and grow further as a company. 

─ With Jeff onboard Intelecy is in good shape to meet the demand from global customers, says CEO Bertil Helseth. 

And how does Jeff Williams envision a factory of the future?

─ I see factories pretty much running themselves. Imagine controlling a factory from an app on your phone!

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