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Intelecy in The Norwegian Financial Daily

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Source: Finansavisen. Photo: Julie Lauritzen.

Read the full article here or in the paper edition of The Norwegian Financial Daily.

The article is focusing on the ongoing innovation project with “TINE Jæren” and “Fortum Oslo Varme” and how Intelecy raised 10 million NOK in funding from private investors and public soft funding.

The two first pilot companies are joining Intelecy to learn how to empower their own process and production experts by making Machine Learning accessible. It should be easy for to use advanced technology to get more insight.

The users can analyse the production using Machine Learning to produce cleaner, safer and more efficient.

Are you ready to empower your process engineers and operators? Join our exclusive pilot programme now.



Intelecy is growing fast, and is now recruiting several positions.

Check out the job openings here:



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