Introducing Intelecy Data Explorer: Unlock Deeper Insights into Your Industrial Processes

We're excited to announce the release of our new application, Intelecy Data Explorer! Data Explorer provides deep insight into both what is happening in your industrial processes and why it is happening.


This powerful suite of tools is designed specifically for the industrial operational workforce, empowering them to test hypotheses, improve their overview, and discover new connections in their data.intelecy Data Explorer

Data Explorer enables you to perform ad-hoc analysis on process data. With this capability, you can quickly and easily analyze data, identify trends, and uncover insights that can help improve your processes.

In addition to ad-hoc analysis, Data Explorer enables you to perform root-cause analysis, helping you identify the underlying cause of issues in your processes. This is a critical feature for any organization that is looking to optimize their operations and improve their overall efficiency.


You can use Data Explorer on “raw” time series data, but more frequently, Data Explorer is used for “feature engineering” of time series data for analysis and visualization. There are four types of plots available: parallel coordinates, scatter plot, trend and batch analysis.


Data Explorer results can be securely shared with colleagues, even outside your company, making it easy to collaborate and share insights. Simply take a snapshot of your analysis, and the exported report is self-contained, fully interactive, and can be saved for offline access. Anyone can zoom, filter, and print the report, even without an Intelecy account.


To learn more about Intelecy Data Explorer and how it can help you gain deeper insights into your processes, check out the product site.


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