Returkraft and Intelecy unite for a green future

Returkraft and Intelecy unite for a green future

We are excited to announce that Returkraft, a leading waste-to-energy facility in Scandinavia has chosen Intelecy as their solution partner for digital transformation in their operations. Together, we are on a mission to reshape the future, where sustainability and technology converge to revolutionize waste management and repurposing.

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Behind the glass and steel façade, near Kristiansand, lies one of Norway's most high tech and modern energy recovery facilites. Photo: Returkraft
About Returkraft
Since 2010, Returkraft has been a leader in waste management, operating a state-of-the-art energy recovery plant. Processing an impressive 130,000 tons of waste annually, the facility generates 95 GWh of electricity and 250 GWh for warmth, delivering 120 GWh for district heating. Committed to environmental responsibility, Returkraft actively seeks inventive ideas to enhance production efficiency and promote eco-friendliness.

Why Intelecy?

Returkraft's decision to invest in Intelecy stems from our distinctive approach to data analytics within the sustainability sector. Rigorous research and validation against industry benchmarks led Returkraft to recognize Intelecy as a standout partner in providing invaluable insights to optimize their operations. Our shared values of innovation, sustainability, and fostering positive change align seamlessly with Returkraft's visionary goals.
Ivar Bergem Strand, Head of IT, Finance, and Sustainability at Returkraft, emphasized that this investment goes beyond technology. He states, 
Through the partnership with Intelecy, we seek to enable our strategic goals within several areas. Returkraft aims to create a green, safe and sustainable future. On a quest to become data driven both in process optimization and decision making, we expect the Intelecy platform to play a key role.
- Ivar Bergem Strand, Head of IT, Finance, and Sustainability at Returkraft

He adds,

We believe that data is the key to unlocking the full potential of our waste-to-energy processes and decisions. That is why we have partnered with Intelecy, a cutting-edge platform that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to optimize and automate industrial operations. With Intelecy, we can access real-time insights, identify anomalies, predict failures, and improve efficiency and quality. Intelecy empowers us to be data-driven and innovative in our quest to transform waste into valuable resources and reduce our environmental impact. We are excited to see how Intelecy will help us achieve our strategic goals and vision.
- Ivar Bergem Strand, Head of IT, Finance, and Sustainability at Returkraft

A collaborative journey

This collaboration underscores our joint dedication to pioneering sustainable practices. As we embark on this journey together, we anticipate not only transforming waste management but also making a lasting positive impact on our environment and communities.
We are honored that Returkraft chose Intelecy as their solution partner. Their exemplary leadership in waste management, unwavering commitment to environmental responsibility, and innovative spirit make them an ideal customer. Together, we are committed to deploying our AI platform, catalyzing positive change, and fostering a future that is greener and more sustainable.
- Bertil Helseth, Founder, and CTO of Intelecy

Join us on this exciting journey towards a more sustainable future! To discover how the Intelecy no-code industrial AI platform can elevate your plant's efficiency and environmental impact, reach out today and let's explore innovative possibilities together!


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