Ambassador for Norwegian technology on the world market

“Intelecy is a good example of what works. This is a Norwegian quality solution that scales worldwide and where we are proud to be an agent”, says Stefan Haugseth in an interview with the My Operations and Maintenance Magazine, Min Drift og Vedlikehold. Read the article where Haugseth highlights Intelecy as the best product on the market for Industrial Artificial Intelligence.


The article is in Norwegian. Continue to read for an English summary of the interview.


Text and photo: Jan Helge Kalvik / MDV

Stefan MCPM

Stefan Haugseth is the founder and Managing Director of MCPM (Measurement & Control for Process & Manufacturing). A fast-growing technology company that, in addition to operating in Europe, recently established new offices in Abu Dhabi, Muscat and Bangkok.


Stefan Haugseth shifted from being a merchant to a career in IT and automation 20 years ago. He worked 12 years at Wonderware before going his own way. It has taken years to get MCPM to where it is today. MCMP distributes a strong portfolio of amazing software products to their enthusiastic customers. -We have built stone by stone, nothing has happened by chance, says Haugseth in the interview.

Intelecy is among the best products on the market according to Haugseth. “The product is great and the response from the users is overwhelming ”says Haugseth.

Furthermore, Haugseth explains how Intelecy works with world-leading companies in food production and energy, which are excellent examples of how artificial intelligence can provide safer, cleaner and more efficient production.

-With Intelecy, your data provides valuable insights that can be transferred to actions and improvements, he points out in the interview.

As an ambassador for both Norwegian and foreign technology, Stefan Haugseth has a large global contact network and is busy maintaining this. When MCPM recently established offices in Bangkok, Intelecy was invited and introduced to business associates and customers in Asia.

Customers and system-integrators are in the best hands with Stefan Haugseth.

-When they buy from me, they always get help. We follow up. The job is not done when the invoice is paid. Every customer will be followed up until everything works 100%, he emphasizes to the magazine.

Intelecy is proud of the cooperation with this man who is described as always pleasant, incredibly good at relationships, solution-oriented, academically strong and always positive.

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