Food & Beverage Industry

Forecast the future of wastewater

Use case


In the Food and Beverage industry, Clean in place (CIP) will often challenge the local discharge regulations from wastewater. Many industrial companies have ambitious goals to have more sustainable production. To meet these goals, they need to make informed decisions before the changes are implemented.


An Intelecy customer built a model to predict the temperature and pH of the wastewater 60 minutes into the future. Today the AI model runs on live data and streams predictions back to the control system. The predictions continuously and automatically adjust the production to avoid peaks in temperature. This model helped the customer reduce the impact on the local wastewater system and to produce in compliance with national regulations and sustainability goals.


  • Reduced emissions
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Process optimization achieved

Other Food & Beverage use cases

Food & Beverage use case

Early warning of filter breaches

Variations in pressure, flow, or temperature can indicate asset health. But if the variations are minor and the deviations occur over time, it can be impossible for the process engineers to detect.

Learn how the AI models that run live in production see these variations and provide early warnings that prevent waste and reduce downtime.

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Food & Beverage use case

Quality related anomaly detection

High quality of end products is crucial. At the same time, process engineers want to prevent unwanted incidents in production that lead to raw materials being lost as waste.

Read more about how to gain stable quality by letting no-code machine learning models monitor each subprocess in real-time to detect deviations and prevent waste.

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