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Early warning of filter breach

Use case


Filtering is a critical step in the food and beverage industry, preventing food spoiling, prolonging equipment lifetime, and in some cases giving a better taste to the end product. Filters are prone to clogging and breakage and therefore require regular maintenance.

An Intelecy client in the food and beverage industry uses filters during production to remove bacteria spores resistant to pasteurization. There have been cases where filter breaches have allowed bacteria spores to pass through the filters spoiling the final product. As the final product is tested via intermittent laboratory testing, this can lead to a considerable loss for the company. Filter breakage is challenging to detect as it results in minor pressure changes.


By creating anomaly detection no-code AI models with Intelecy to monitor the filters, the client now receives early warnings of filter breaches. Multiple models were built and deployed on multiple filters tuned according to earlier known cases, allowing the factory operations team to identify production issues as they occur, rather than after it’s too late. This actionable insight helped to improve their efficiency, reduce waste and save money.


  • Wastage was reduced
  • Unplanned downtime was avoided
  • Process optimization was achieved

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Food & Beverage use case

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Food & Beverage use case

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