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Veas use no-code industrial AI to minimize environmental impact

By optimizing the chemical and energy consumption in the treatment process Veas will reduce emissions and increase the capacity of the wastewater plant.

Veas is Norway's largest player in wastewater treatment.The plant at Slemmestad outside Oslo purifies wastewater for up to 1 million people, and has a capacity for 11,000 liters of water per second.Today, Veas uses Intelecy for quick and reliable data modeling to optimize the chemical and energy consumption in the cleaning process.

For some time now, we have been working to use our data for greater efficiency. The Intelecy platform first caught our interest with its user-friendly interface, giving us the ability to create data models on our own data with an out-of-the-box solution.
- Hilde Johansen, Development Engineer at Veas

- Intelecy’s platform provides multivariate data analysis that provides us with instant, measurable value! In our search for user-friendly digital tools, we have never seen anything like it on the market. The expertise of the Intelecy team, both with control and regulation of the process, in addition to data modeling, is super important for Veas, says Johansen. - We strongly believe that the collaboration we have had in this pilot project has empowered us to take even greater advantage of the opportunities inherent in our own data.

Using digital creativity to go from waste to value
The ocean and the fjords suffer increasing environmental challenges. In response, wastewater companies like Veas are looking for ways to mitigate their own impact. Treatment plants ensure that wastewater does not pollute fresh water, the fjords, and the ocean. Unfortunately, factors like climate change and population growth continue to strain the existing wastewater treatment infrastructure in Norway and beyond.

Norway and the European Union have recently enforced stricter requirements for the degree of purification and emissions from wastewater treatment facilities. Veas sees these new requirements as positive motivation to find innovative ideas and solutions, and to be able to create value from what was previously seen as waste. Speaking at the Fjord Rescue Conference in Asker, Norway in May, Veas CEO Ragnhild Borchgrevink told the audience, "We are releasing resources that we could use differently straight out to sea."

Using waste biproducts differently means many things at Veas.Today they process waste from the treatment plant into biogas, and are transforming it further into liquid biogas to replace fossil fuels in vehicles—and bio-residue. The bio-residue, called Veas soil, is supplied as a fertilizer/soil improver to agriculture. And most recently; Veas beer, a Golden Lager brewed by Wettre Brewery, made with purified Co2 from the wastewater at Veas.

CO TO, Beer produced by Wettre Brewery with carbon dioxide from Veas.
Photo: Veas

No-code AI in daily operations
Veas wants to put waste to work for maximum social benefit. The answers lie in the data, which is why the Veas team wants to learn even more about exploiting the possibilities in digitalization and AI.

We want to use Intelecy for process optimization and more cost-effective operations, so that the margins in existing infrastructure can be utilized, and the need for asset expansion is delayed.
- Hilde Johansen, Development Engineer in Strategy and Development at Veas

Veas had the right digital foundation in place: all the necessary equipment in the process plant was already monitored and regulated. With a successful pilot under their belts, Veas now uses Intelecy no-code AI in their daily operations to, among other things, reduce chemical consumption, achieve a higher degree of purification in the wastewater, and extract more useful biproducts.

AI predictions forecast one hour into the future
The Veas team is already building their own AI models in the Intelecy AI platform for hypothesis testing, anomaly detection, and to predict what will happen one hour into the future of the purification process. The predictions provides insights in real time to optimize, control, and even adjust well in advance of any events.

We are deeply impressed with the team we have met at Veas. They were quick adopters of the technology and are already well underway with several use cases. The commitment, competence, and willingness to act to find answers and solutions have been far above average, both when it comes to the details in the data analysis and the big picture in regards to consequences for the fjord and the sea. It's really inspiring to work with these people!
- Bertil Helseth, Founder and CEO of Intelecy

Read more about Veeas (in Norwegian).

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