Power & Renewable Energy

Actionable insights to reduce emissions

Use case


With today’s focus on the green energy transition, the industry faces stricter regulatory requirements to reduce emissions. One example is flue gas from waste-to-energy plants, where the emission of gasses might be high. Various methods are used to remove harmful gasses, such as scrubbing, but these are complex and costly processes that can be difficult to control.


With Intelecy, operators can create no-code forecast models that predict future emissions. Predictions from the models enable the operators to make early process adjustments, thus allowing them to remove the gasses. In addition, you can create anomaly models that alert the operator when the cleaning process does not work as expected.


  • Reduced emissions
  • Reduced costs
  • Increased efficiency


Other Power & Renewable Energy cases

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Power & Renewable Energy use case

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Power & Renewable Energy use case

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