From the management team in Cognite to an industrial AI startup

From the management team in Cognite to an industrial AI startup

Anna Olsson becomes commercial director and investor in Intelecy. An English version of today's news article in

526e37_c6736ab9533b4b419aae4e1220809e99~mv2 (6)Intelecy founder Bertil Helseth and CCO Anna Olsson

Intelecy has the ambition to make AI an accessible tool for everyone in the factory. Intelecy's solution makes it possible for industrial companies' existing production engineers and operators to create and use AI models without hiring consultants or their own developer expertise, the so-called "no-code.”

Recruiting from Cognite

Anna Olsson, who is now joining, has specialist expertise in industrial AI and over 20 years of experience in the software industry, where she has led and was responsible for international solution sales, product marketing, and business development, says the company in a message to Shifter. She had a long and successful career at Microsoft, where she achieved the company's highest internal award for best business area leadership globally. For the past four years, Olsson has specialized in marketing and sales of Industrial software. She joins Intelecy from the as role as VP Partner & Alliances at Cognite, a leading Global Industrial DataOps platform, where she was responsible for establishing the partner strategy and building the global partner network. Anna OIsson has an information technology degree, and worked several years as a system developer before moving into more commercial roles.

Cognite has lost several key people recently. Founder John Markus Lervik himself resigned in April. The entire entrepreneurial team at Celsia has a background from Cognite. And Otovo brought its last CFO from the same company.


In Intelecy, she will lead the global scaling and growth of the company


I have experienced firsthand how strongly the industry both wants and needs to make more data-driven decisions. Many see the opportunity to optimize production, processes, and maintenance, as well as ensure more sustainable production, leveraging AI, but have few succeed.
- Anna Olsson, Chief Commercial Officer of Intelecy

Global enterprises such as Glencore, IFF and HeidelbergCement are on the customer list, as well as local SME’s. AM Nutrition, a global supplier of pea-based products for use in food, animal and aqua feed, pet food, and technical applications, uses Intelecy to reach the sustainability goals of increased resource utilization and reduced energy consumption. Norway's largest dairy producer, TINE Jaeren, uses Intelecy to improve product quality and reduce emissions into the environment. The engineers at VEAS, Norway's largest wastewater treatment plant, leverage Intelecy to reduce consumption of chemicals, achieve a higher degree of purification in the wastewater, and extract more useful biproducts.


New investors

In the second quarter of 2022, the company raised 1 million Euros to strengthen sales, marketing, and product development. The Nordic venture investors Aidiom and Butterfly Venture entered together with Investinor and Skagerak Capital. Founder and CEO Bertil Helseth and Anna Olsson participated in the round. 
Industrial software as a trend
 According to a recent McKinsey report, Norway is far ahead internationally and has good opportunities to become a global player in industrial software.
The consultants estimate that if Norway actively uses its industrial expertise, engineers, and customer base to build new companies, industrial software could become a significant export item worth up to 27 billion NOK by 2030.

Artificial intelligence can improve production processes, reduce the consumption of energy and raw materials consumption, and prevent harmful emissions to water and air.

Here you can read the original article in Norwegian: Gikk fra ledelsen i Cognite til industriell AI-startup
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