Bringing AI into every factory

Are you interested in learning how AI can provide tangible business value in the process industry?

In this episode of the podcast, The Age of AI, host Aman Y. Agarwal, and CEO Bertil Helseth discuss the ground realities of the process and manufacturingindustry , and how AI is helping!


The manufacturing industry, while being extremely diverse (from cheese to smartphones to sportswear), is also quite uniform from a business perspective:
You're just trying to transform raw materials into a certain product, as cheaply and quickly as possible.

There's a never-ending race to do things better and more sustainably, by eliminating waste. Naturally, there's all this buzzword bingo about "industry 4.0" and smart connected factories, but very little light on how you actually connect and upgrade factories.

In this episode you will hear stories from two diverse industry verticals, food and beverage and mining metals minerals, and how they use Intelecy as their no-code AI solution to increase efficiency and achieve sustainable production.


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Bringing AI into every factory. -Bertil Helseth; CEO of Intelecy


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