Updated 26.01.2022

Intelecy Privacy Policy

Your privacy is really important to us, so we want to make sure your personal data stays safe. This document describes the process of how we collect and store personal information through our websites.

1. The information we collect

1.1. Personal information
You may visit our website without providing any information about yourself. However, if you wish to utilize the resources we offer on our website (e-books, sign up to breakfast seminar, subscribe to the blog etc.) we use forms to gather relevant information about you in order to send you the resources you find interesting and to further customize our communication with you. We collect the information that you have provided in the form. In order for us to send you more information, you must  actively give consent. This means that you will not be contacted if you have not given your consent.

1.2. Cookies
Information about your device such as your IP-address, physical location, which browser you’re using, what source your visit originated from (organic search, direct traffic etc.), how long you have stayed on the website and which pages you visit, is collected through the use of cookies. When you enter our website you will, therefore, be asked to accept the use of cookies in order for you to continue to use the website.

 2. How we use the information we collect
We only use the information according to our Privacy Policy, which you can read here. The information we collect will never be sold or passed on to to third parties of any kind

2.1. Purpose of data storage
The purpose of storage might be; a) to improve your experience when using our website; b) to customize the communication we send to your email inbox when using our website; c) to send you inbound resources that are related to your industry or your interest.

2.2. When is data stored
The information is stored in our database until the customer relationship ceases or until you ask us to delete your information. If you wish to do is, it is easily done right here.

2.3. External websites
Our website links to other websites for additional information on certain topics. We don’t control, and are not responsible for, how these websites collect and use information. This privacy policy declaration is valid only for our domain (*.intelecy.com).

3. Consent
We will never contact anyone if they have not actively given their consent to receiving information. This consent is asked for in the forms we use if you want to download resources, get in touch with us, or sign up to attend a breakfast seminar. This consent may be withdrawn at any time by contacting the Data Protection Officer (DPO) info@intelecy.com. You can opt out of emails and other communication from us at any time by unsubscribing to our emails.

4. The right to access, delete and the right to file an appeal
In accordance with GDPR, you may at all times ask to access the information we have about you or demand that the information is deleted or rectified, or completed. You may also withdraw your consent at any time. If you wish to make use of these rights, please contact Data Protection Officer (DPO) by sending an e-mail to info@intelecy.com.

The Data Protection Authority ensures that the Privacy Policy is followed. If you experience anything you think is a violation of the regulations, you may submit a written request to the Data Protection Authority’s postal address: Datatilsynet, PO Box 8177, 0034 Oslo. 

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