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At Intelecy, our commitment is to develop user-friendly tools for industrial organizations that improve their operations and drive meaningful change, achieve sustainability goals, and leave a lasting impact.


Intelecy was founded with a simple yet powerful vision - to empower sustainable industrial production by harnessing the vast amounts of data generated and utilizing it to its full potential.

The unique value proposition was inspired by the experience of its Founder and CEO, Bertil Helseth, as a consultant for numerous major industrial firms.

"When production issues occurred, I was tasked with delving into the data, collaborating with local experts to identify connections and root causes, and resolving the problems that arose. This led me to question why the facility's staff couldn't have access to a tool, that would allow them to quickly and easily find answers to these problems.

 I saw the need for a more straightforward solution that would enable the detection of these production issues before it was too late.
 The second driving factor behind the founding of Intelecy was the significant potential for improvement in industrial production plants. I knew that manufacturing and industrial production accounts for one-third of energy consumption and one-third of global greenhouse gas emissions, with a current overall efficiency of just 65%.

By leveraging AI to optimize and create a more sustainable production process, I wanted to build a company that would play a role in building a better future for all." "Bertil Helseth, Founder and CEO

Our mission is to empower industrial organizations improve processes, reduce waste, emissions, energy consumption and costs.


Our team of highly dedicated experts is committed to finding solutions to complex challenges and sharing their knowledge to help others succeed. Whether working with clients or collaborating internally, we are always seeking new ways to bring value and make a positive impact. ​ The Intelecy culture is built on trust and transparency. We encourage our employees to bring their authentic selves to work, fostering an inclusive and collaborative environment. We are a diverse team of individuals who bond over common interests outside of work, such as the satisfaction of a good book, the thrill of a challenge, or the love of the Scandinavian concept of enjoying the great outdoors: "Friluftsliv.”

Do you want to work with us? 

With roots in cutting-edge technology, cybersecurity, and extensive experience from the industrial sector, we are problem solvers.


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  • Bertil Helseth

Bertil is a seasoned Cybernetics Engineer with over 20 years of experience in industrial IT, automation, cybersecurity, and product management. He holds a Master's degree in Management and has a proven track record of helping companies optimize, automate, and digitalize their operations. He is known as a visionary problem solver, driven by his passion for technology and innovation. With a unique perspective on the industry and a relentless drive for improvement, Bertil is dedicated to finding innovative solutions for both Intelecy employees and our customers, pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

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  • Anna Olsson

Anna has over 20 years of experience from the software industry, including international solution sales, product marketing, and management. She is a passionate advocate for utilizing data to create value for customers. She has deep expertise with industrial software, coming from the role of VP Partner & Alliances at Cognite, where she was responsible for building the global partner ecosystem. Before that she spent 12 years in various roles at Microsoft. With a strong technical background, Anna started her career as a system developer before moving into commercial roles.



  • Jonatahn Camp

Jonathan is a Computer Science Engineer with 20 years of experience within security and back-end related software development. He is a visionary software architect with experience in both government and large enterprises. Jonathan Specializes in facilitating product integration and team integration during mergers and acquisitions. Strong background in complex system architectures, rapid software prototyping, and reverse engineering for security research. Jonathan is also Intelecy`s Product Manager.

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  • Jeff Williams

Jeff is a Computer Science Engineer with 20 years of experience in cloud architecture, DevOps and software development. Jeff has substantial experience in designing scalable architecture, building robust web infrastructure, and managing cloud-based platforms. With a strong track record of leading teams as well as collaborating with third parties, he holds responsibility for the API and serves as the manager of the Intelecy frontend team. Jeff is also a member of the Intelecy board.

Line Sletvold.jpg


  • Line Sletvold

Line has over 20 years of experience in sales and marketing within the IT industry, having honed her skills at well-established companies such as Microsoft and Crayon. Her areas of expertise encompass a broad range of skills, including partner and channel marketing, public relations, and content management. Line stands out for her creativity and exceptional eye for details, and takes great pride in ensuring that her projects meet the highest standards of quality.

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  • Ingvild Hollerud Helseth

Ingvild has 15 years of experience in the retail industry in management, sales, purchasing, PR and communication. Her expertise is in management and sales psychology. She has a proven track record of effectively leading larger teams in enterprise companies, resulting in significant growth for both employees and the company. She has an ultra-commercial mindset and a burning commitment to sustainable solutions, both culturally and environmentally.

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  • Sven Tierney

Sven has 15 years of software experience in consultancy and customer success roles in various industries, such as medical technology, oil & gas, and the process industry. He holds a Master's degree in Chemistry and a Ph.D. in medical technology. ​ Sven possesses a unique talent for communicating and sharing his expertise, tailored to the needs and circumstances of his clients. With his passion for innovation and technology, he plays a pivotal role in Intelecy's product development process by consistently advocating his customer feedback and needs.

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