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Intelecy helps you reduce unplanned downtime, plan your maintenance better, increase insight and optimize your process. Our unique solutions cut costs and increase efficiency. That is pretty smart.

Fully automated factories and just-in-time production require very high reliability. We help you achieve this by using machine learning to early detect anomalies in the production and identify potential problems before they lead to downtime or reduced capacity.

Unplanned downtime is costing some companies more than $1bn each year. Predictive maintenance solutions can reduce downtime by 50%. Maintenance costs can be reduced by 40% when you can plan maintenance better. Furthermore, you can extend equipment lifetime by replacing equipment based on condition rather than periodically.


Production efficiency can be improved by 25% and overall costs reduced by 12.5% through collecting and analysing your operational data. Intelecy provides you with the tools you need to unlock your full potential.


Reduced downtime


Maintenance cost reduction


Increased production efficiency

SOURCE: McKinsey Global Institute analysis

Our products are based on the foundation that the customer should have easy access to the results as well as their own data. Intelecy is based on open APIs because smart factories require integration between various innovative solutions.