AI for safety and control

Automatically built, trained and continuously self-improving machine learning algorithms will persistently monitor and analyze your production data to identify anomalies, bottlenecks and un-tapped potential in the production.

Fully automated factories and just-in-time production requires very high reliability on a continuous basis. Machine learning helps you detect anomalies in the production early and identify potential problems before they lead to downtime, accidents or reduced capacity.


Use your historical data to detect anomalies and prevent it from happening again.

Early warning

You can avoid unwanted downtime and damage to machinery by detecting, studying and understanding anomalies in production. It is critical to detect and handle problems in production before it is too late. Advanced monitoring for all the assets in a factory is the key. It is not enough to monitor only the heavy, expensive assets.

Safer workplace

Lack of monitoring increases the risk of accidents and damage to machinery and people. In the most extreme cases large accidents like the the Deepwater Horizon explosion can happen. Luckily this is not very common, but smaller accidents happen all the time.

Intelecy can detect anomalies in production and help you to understand the situation and act in a timely manner in order to prevent accidents.

Protect critical information

Digitalization requires data processing and persistence in the cloud. As the amount of data produced increases, so does the potential value. Factories using Intelecy will always be secure and remain in control of their data. With multiple layers of security and strong, end-to-end encryption, the data in Intelecy is always protected and always available using open and secure APIs.

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