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Make factories smarter with AI

Until now, machine learning projects have been all about creating custom solutions. However, this is time consuming, costly, and the outcome uncertain. Not anymore. Intelecy is an off-the-shelf advanced analytics software for industrial data. It’s easy to get started and easy to use.

One of the problems for manufacturers today is handling the amount of information from thousands of sensors that are logging every second. Computers are really good analyzing large streams of data and our software helps you cope with the information overload seen in complex production environments. Intelecy learns the normal behavior of your environment and alerts you to active deviations and can forecast deviations before they occur. 


Intelecy takes the customers from operating a factory to continuously improving their processes using artificial intelligence. You can reduce unplanned downtime, improve maintenance planning, and optimize your process. 


Reduced downtime


Maintenance cost reduction


Increased production efficiency

SOURCE: McKinsey Global Institute analysis

Reduce downtime

Unplanned downtime costs some companies more than $1bn per year. Predictive maintenance solutions can reduce downtime by 50%. Maintenance costs can be reduced by 40% when you can plan maintenance better. Furthermore, you can extend equipment lifetime by replacing equipment based on condition rather than periodically. As a not so fun fact, 1/3 of periodical maintenance is in fact reducing equipment lifetime.


Increase production efficiency

Production efficiency can be improved by 25% and overall costs reduced by 12.5% by collecting and analyzing your production data. Time to market for some product lines can be reduced by up to 20%. Intelecy simply provides you with the tools you need to unlock your full production potential.

Collaborative Intelligence

Intelecy empowers the people closest to the production, giving them super powers. Collaborative intelligence is all about combining the knowledge, understanding and experienced from the operators, engineers and managers with the most powerful artificial intelligence analytics product on the market.

Operators, engineers and factory managers are using Intelecy to gain new insights, improving their production every day.

Don't spend all your money on consultants, keep the knowledge in the company. By using Intelecy you can cut the implementation cost and time by as much as 90%. If you have the data, you can get started today.

Learn more about how you can contribute to the global sustainability goals without reducing the productivity.