Deliver a better world with AI

You don't have to choose between reducing costs and doing well for the planet. On-board your factory with a smarter solution and start to make a difference today.

Industrial manufacturing and process industry account for almost 1/3 of the total greenhouse-gas emission in the world. Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning are your hands-on, proactive tools to fight climate change by managing daily manufacturing operations. With AI-based functionality in place, you can reduce energy and CO2 emissions with as much as 40% without reducing production.


Up to 40% reduction of CO2 without reducing production

Reduce emissions

Advanced analytics provide key decision makers with valuable and actionable insight. Now you can identify the process steps that contribute most to the total greenhouse gas emissions and take action.

Improve utilization

Based on this new insight, on-site employees will be empowered to achieve higher resource efficiency. Identify how raw material usage and waste can be reduced in a safer way than ever before. 

Reduce cost

Factories and process plants in different industrial verticals are already using Intelecy to reduce waste and increase profit. Unlock the future of environmental sustainability with Intelecy.

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